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A Plot Analysis of Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

I recently re-watched one of my favorite movies, Edge of Tomorrow (2014), and it got me thinking once again about the complex plot and how everything worked out in the end. If you read multiple reviews made by professional movie critics, you'll find that many thought that the overall film was solid, but had issue with how the movie ended. In particular, most critics believed that in an effort make the movie finish on a high note, director Doug Liman completed ruined what had been a structurally sound (in regards to time travel) plot up until that point. While I do agree that the ending did ruin part of the suspense of the last action scenes, I wasn't too irritated by it because it stayed in line with the movie's overall comedic tone. Indeed, this was part of the reason why Liman and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie chose to end the movie on a much happier note, instead of the original darker, more somber ending that All You Need is Kill had originally ended with. Instead…